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Sachin's love and passion for the game was observed by his elder brother. His elder brother thought that sachin's extraordinary talent and skills should'nt be wasted and he took little sachin to Ramakant Achrekar who use to coach at Shivaji park. Achrekar also use to coach children of Shardashram Vidya Mandir.

Sachin was a student of New England School of Indian Education Society in East Bandra and Achrekar was a coach in Shardashram Vidya Mandir, so one day Achrekar called up Sachin's father and said that Sachin has qualities of a potential good cricketer and suggested that he should be joined in Shardashram Vidya Mandir where he can play quality cricket with quality teams.

All the members of the family were in bit of dilemma by Achrekars suggestion. The school in which sachin was studying earlier was near to house but never had a place to play a cricket nor a cricket coach and sachins willingness to goto shardashram lead sachins family members to take a decision to join sachin in Shardashram.

It was now Sachin got a full cricket kit , Sachin bought a junior size pads, pair of batting gloves, shoes and a Cricket bat ofcourse. Representing Shardashram vidya mandir cricket team is so prestigious and honour and that was primary milestone for sachin in his cricketing career.

Now before sachin represented the team, Achrekar sir corrected sachin the way he holds the bat, This way of holding a bat has become sachin's habit because he used to play with his brothers bat when his brother was not at home. As his brothers bat was too big for him sachin use to hold the bat from the base of the handle that habit lead him to hold the small size bat too in a same manner, now holding bat in this manner needs an extra power to play strokes. Achrekar sir said him to hold the mid handle of the bat Sachin use to follow this but after some time use to hold the handle in his own style, seeing this Achrekar sir observed that sachin has never faced a problem in scoring runs then he gave up the thought of correcting sachin tendulkars grip and now sachin is scoring thousands of runs and numerous centuries in international cricket.

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